1st International Conference on Management and Applied Sciences (MASCON 2016)

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 ICBS (The Conference Organizer):

With a journey of a quarter century starting in 1990 Imperial College of Business Studies has five faculties and as many schools. Offering over 140 industry oriented programs the choices at imperial are beyond comparisons. With 8000 alumni the industry linkages provide students with immediate and 100% employability. Our International linkages keep Imperial at cutting edge of technological advancement including latest laboratory equipment.

The Conference (MASCON 2016):

The Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) invites academicians, consultants, leaders, researchers, professionals and students from around the globe to participate in an International Conference on Management and Applied Sciences to share their innovative research, conceptual frameworks,  innovative concepts. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people from around the world and discuss developing issues in business, economics, finance and social sciences related to a knowledge based economy.

Event Description: The concept of Knowledge is centuries old. As a field of study, knowledge and its management is rapidly moving into the center stage of organizational performance of business organization, as such knowledge has become the ultimate source of attaining and sustaining competitive advantage in a turbulent global business world. Knowledge management research has been studied at the micro, macro and meta level with knowledge based economy achieving a central focus of economic development in emerging economies.

Knowledge has become the ultimate source of attaining and sustaining competitive advantage in a turbulent global business world. This conference is aimed at proposing strategies for developing economies such as Pakistan in using the knowledge as a base to help provide solutions for socioeconomic problems.

Theme: Developing a Knowledge Based Economy

The MASCON 2016 aims to include the research efforts in the following key areas:

  • Knowledge Economy
  • Creating and Managing Knowledge Economy
  • Socio-Economics
  • The Role of Applied Sciences
  • Harnessing the Knowledge Management for Knowledge Economy
  • The Role of Creative Industries


Event Date: 03-04 Feb 2016

Venue: Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore

About Lahore: Lahore is the second largest and most populous city of Pakistan. It is the capital of province of Punjab. This city

is culturally enrich with rich and fabulous history. Here one can find blend of marvelous food, places, architecture, fashion, films, drama, theatres etc.


Provisional Conference Program:


February 3, 2016


February 4, 2016

·         Welcome Desk Arrival Registration

·         Inaugural Ceremony

·         Conference Session

·         Dinner

·         Conference Session

·         Closing Ceremony

Conference Pack:

The conference pack shall be available at the registration desk from Oct 28-29, 2015.

The conference pack shall consist of following items:

  • Conference Program
  • Conference Proceedings CD
  • Certificate of Participation
  • Conference Bag
  • A pen, pencil and a note pad

Plenary Session

09:30 amArrival of Guests
10:00 amGuests to be seated
10:10 amRecitation of Holy Quran
10:20 amWelcome Address by Conference Chair
10:45 amKey Note Speech by Dr. Christine Ennew
(Provost, University of Nottingham, UK)
11:15 amKey Note Speech by Almas Haider
(CEO S. P. E. L, Senior Vice President FPPCI)
11:40 amTea Break
12:00 pmConference Session A
01:30 pmLunch & Prayer Break
02:45 pmConference Session B
04:15 pmTea Break
05:00 pmEnd of Day 1

Day 1

                Conference Tracks (12:00 pm – 01:30 pm)

Track A1Track A2Track A3
Theme: Knowledge ManagementTheme: Role of Applied SciencesTheme Role of Creative Industries-Marketing
Conference Chair:
Dr. Aqeel Ahmed
1. The Impact of High Quality Relationship on
Innovative Work Behavior of Employees through
Psychological Wellbeing: A Case of
Pharmaceutical Sector of Pakistan
Ahmad Usman Shahid, Rizwan Qaiser Danish
& Asad Afzal Humayon
Conference Chair:
Dr. Tayyba
1. Agency Theory: A Literature Review of
Alternate Perspectives
Muawiah Muhammad, Naeem Mukhtar
& Mudassir Farooqi
2. Breach of psychological contract and its
impact on affective organizational commitment:
Moderating role of perceived organizational
support in public sector organizations of Pakistan
Asma Gul
1. Impact of Green Marketing on Consumer Brand
Preference and Perception of Brand in Pakistan:
Case Study of Automobile Sector
Zeeshan Saeed, Muhammad Shoaib Islam,
Nashit Zafer & Rab Nawaz Lodhi
2. Sensing and Seizing Competitive
Advantage through the Lens of Knowledge
Based View of the Firm
Nausheen Shakeel, Rashid Saleem &
Fatima Shaukat
3. Humor Orientation and Honesty as Predictors
of Leadership Effectiveness
Dr. Khuda Bakhsh
2. Role of Market Orientation (MO) – Relationship
Marketing (RM) and Knowledge Acquisition &
Sharing in NPD
Mehreen Waheed, Prof. Dr. Sarwar M. Azhar &
Mr. Mohsin-ul-Mulk
3. Innovation is a Key for Success in
Knowledge Resource
Ahmad Adnan
3. Impact of Market Orientation on Organizational
Performance on Telecome Sector: a Value Co-
Creation Framework
Zubia Usman

                    Conference Tracks (02:45 pm – 04:15 pm)

Track B1Track B2Track B3Track B4
Theme: Knowledge ManagementTheme: Knowledge Based EconomyTheme: Socio-Economic FactorsTheme: Role of Creative Industries-Others
Conference Chair:
Dr. Mujtaba Piracha
Conference Chair:
Dr. Niaz A. Bhutto
Conference Chair:
Dr. Naveed Tahir
Conference Chair:
Dr. Basharat Naeem
1. In Search of Futuristic Knowledge Economy:
An Emerging Economy Framework
Mudassir Farooqi, Dr. Sarwar M. Azhar &
Andleeb Sandhu
1. P akist an’s need Knowledge-based Economy
Muhammad Naeem Aslam & Shameem
1. Competitive Intelligence Practices in Islamic
Banking Sector of Pakistan
Nadia Hanif, Muhammad Mahmood Shah
Khah, Syedah Hameeda Batool Gillani &
Farrukh Ijaz
1. Antecedents of Job turnover in
Educational Sector of Pakistan
Asad Afzal Hunmayon, Ahmad Usman
Shahid & Rizwan Qaiser Danish
2. Knowledge Guru: Ikujiro Nonaka
Khalid Mehmood & Dr. Abdul Rashid Kausar
2. Set t ing up ‘Frame of Crisis’: Mit igating Effect
of Crisis On Organizational Identity and
Organizational Reputation
Arab-ul-Mateen & Maria Tariq
2. Development of Pakistan through Shale Gas
Exploitation: An Economic Overview
Taimur Ashfaq
2. Entrepreneur and Education Creating
Business Awareness for Students in
Muhammad Naeem Aslam & Shameen
3. Online Carpooling Service: A Conceptual
Business Model of Tripda
Samra Tariq & Arslan Hyder Kalyani
3. Are natural disasters also contagious?
Tsunami of Japan evidence from DCC GARCH
Najam-Us-Sahar, Dr. Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah
& Zuee Javaria
3. A Micro Econometric Analysis of
Determinants of Earnings
Muhammad Saeed Waris
3. Effect of Edge Doping on Graphene
Nanoribbon Transistors
Sumaira Yasmeen, Dr. Raja Junaid
Amjad & Dr. Abdul Sattar
4. Strategic Analysis of University of
Management & Technology
Hijab Fazal Qureshi, Aftab Ahmed & Hina
4. Meeting the Global Responsibility Challenges
for Business in Pakistan
Dr. Ghulam Rasul Awan
4. Do Emotional Reactions of Investors
Influence the Perceived Competitive
Performance of Firms?
M. Yousaf Raza & Dr. Umbreen Ishfaq
4. Global Staffing and Organizational
Performance: A Literature Review
Maria Shaukat & Dr. Ameer A. Basit


Day 2

Conference Sessions

10:10 amConference Session A
11:40 amTea Break
12:10 pmConference Session B
01:40 pmLunch & Prayer Break
02:40 pmConcluding Ceremony
03:15 pmTea Break
04:00 pmEnd of Day 2

                           Conference Tracks (10:10 am – 11:40 am)

Track A1Track A2Track A3Track A4
Theme: Knowledge ManagementTheme: Role of Applied SciencesTheme Role of Creative Industries-
Theme: Role of Creative Industries-
1. Knowledge Management Insight towards
Enhancing Sustainable Development of an
Organization in Charging Circumstances
Meryem Altaf, Nosheen Jawaid Khan,
Mudassir Farooqi & Mehwish Waqar
Conference Chair:
Dr. Faisal Tehseen Shah
Conference Chair:
Dr. Rafique
Conference Chair:
Dr. Ali Sajid
2. The Role of Culture in Creation of
Knowledge-Phronesis Knowledge:
Organizational Theory
Maryam Tabassum & Saima Noreen
1. The Empirical Analysis of Selective
Staffing, Performance Appraisal and Reward
Systems on Job satisfaction
Akhtar Mahmood
1. Role of Islamic Financial Institutions
in the Promotion of Pakistan Halal Food
Syedah Hameeda Batool Gillani &
Farrukh Ijaz
1. Consumer Behavior towards Apparel
Products: An Evidence from Female
Clothing in Sahiwal
Dr. Raja Irfan Sabir & Hamid
3. Dynamic Capability from Knowledge
Management Perspective: A Conceptual
Mehwish W. Khan & Meryem Altaf
2. Impact of HR P rofessional’s
Competencies and High Performance HR
Practices as Innovation in Banking Sector of
Nosheen Khan, Meryem Altaf & Dr. Atif
2. Relationship between Customer
Involvement, Emotional Attachment and
Brand Loyalty
Saba Iftikhar, Rab Nawaz Loshi,
Usman Zafar & Sadaf Manzoor
2. Metaphor: Organizations as Plants
Tooba Javed & Rabia Bashir
4. Knowledge Guru: Nick Bontis
Mudassir Farooqi, Dr. Abdul Rashid
Kausar & Naeem Mukhtar
2. Impact of HR P rofessional’s
Competencies and High Performance HR
Practices as Innovation in Banking Sector of
Nosheen Khan, Meryem Altaf & Dr. Atif
3. An Investigation of Smartphone
Adoption in Undergrad Students using
Technology Acceptance Model
Fatima Shaukat, Rashid Saleem &
Nausheen Shakeel
3. Relationship between Resource
Dependence Strategies (RDS) and Green
Supply Chain Management (GSCM)
Performance: Mediating Role of GSCM
Rashid Saleem, Fatima Shaukat, &
Nausheen Shakeel
Conference Chair:
Dr. Salman
4. Moderating Role of Job Stress between the
Social Capital and Job Satisfaction in
Banking Sector Employees of Lahore
Aiman Raza, Dr. F. T. Shah, Hasnain
Raza, Sumaira Yasmeen & Abeer Imam
4. Antecedents of Attitude towards Viral
Marketing and Its Mediating Role
Towards Brand Awareness
Raja Muhammad Akhizer, Dr. Wisal
Ahmad, Shaukat Ayaz & Ayyaz
4. Engineering Management of Moisture
Removing from Active Part of Power
Transformer by Using Vapour Phase
Drying Technique and Its Comparative
M. Ajaz, Ashraf Ali, Toquer Aslam &
Fayyaz A. Chaudhry

                             Conference Tracks (12:10 pm – 01:40 pm)

Track B1Track B2Track B3Track B4
Theme: Role of Applied SciencesTheme: Knowledge Based EconomyTheme: Socio-Economic FactorsTheme: Role of Creative Industries-Others
Conference Chair:
Dr. Danial Qazi
Conference Chair:
Dr. Farooq Anwar Bajwa
Conference Chair:
Dr. Niaz Bhutto
Conference Chair:
Dr. Iftikhar Shah
1 Mediating Role of Organizational Identification
Between The Relationship Of P-O Fit And OCB
Khadija Mubarka
1. Transcend Evolution in Creating Knowledge Economy:
Role of Training
Muhammad Junaid Rizwan
1. Application of Bai Salam in the Agriculture Sector of
Mir Sajjad Rafiq
1. ICT Literacy Levels and Skills among Librarians in
Public sector University Libraries of Sindh Provence,
Liaquat Ali Rahoo, Wahid Bux Mangrio & Dr.
Arabella Bhutto
2. Impact of Ethical Leadrship on Employees’ Work
Stress and Performance: Moderating Role of
Organizational Compassion
Zoofishan Hayat
2. Assisting Policy Framework in banking Sector:
examining the Key Dynamics of Infrastructure and
Insurance vis-à-vis Risk of Consumer Loans
Rana Saifullah Hassan, Dr. Aqeel Ahmad, Fawad
Saleem & Aneeb Nawaz
2. Impact of Microeconomic variables on Stock Market
Indices: evidence from SAARC Countries
M. M. Shah Khan & Saman Rubab
2. Impact of Bank’s St ruct ural Det erminant s on Bank’s
Performance: A Case study of Pakistan
M. M. Shah Khan & Nazik Maqsood
3. Emotional Intelligence and Perceived
Organizational Politics as Predictors of Work Related
Attitudes among Bank Employees
Sidra Liaquat
3. The Unfinished Agenda: Millennium Development
Zohaib Ahmed Anjum
3. Impact of Leverage and Liquidity on financial
Performance of KSE Listed Textile Firms of Pakistan
Hina Tahir, Muhammad Kashif Khurshid, Akhtar
Mehmood & Lamia Fahim
3. Reengineering of Economic Operation of Thermal
Plants; A Multi-Tier Web Based Solution to the
Challenges in the Deregulated Environment.
Saqib Ali, Salman Zafar & Muhammad Shahzad Aziz
4. The Recruitment & Selection Procedure and Its
Relationship with Employee Performance
Dr. Raja Irfan & Saad Mahmood
4. The Nexus between Human Capital and Economic
Growth in Case of Pakistan
Maqsood Aslam
4. Estimating the Rank of Leading Cement Companies in
Divya Deep Singh & Dr. Sanjay Kumar Grag
4. Identification and Verification of Vehicle
Aqib Mehmood, Imran Khan, Janas Khan & Mumtaz




For Further Information:

 Focal Person: Ms. Abeer Imam

Lecturer & Manager Program Development

School of Management Sciences & Economics

Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS), Lahore

Contact Persons: Mr. Maqsood Aslam

Lecturer & In-charge Executive and Management Development Centre

School of Management Sciences & Economics
Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS), Lahore

Email: mascon@imperial.edu.pk

Website Link: http://icbs.imperial.edu.pk/1st-international-conference-on-management-and-applied-sciences/

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