Scholarship and Financial AID

The College makes all efforts to ensure that merited students are not denied an opportunity to join the program purely due to financial considerations. Liberal financial aid package is available to academically outstanding students. Partial scholarships are also available to the kin of armed forces and civil servants. Typically, the financial aid is given in the form of tuition fee waivers that result in reduction in program fee. Financial aid is also available for women and minorities. Overall, nearly 30 percent of the student body enrolled is recipient of some form of financial aid.

Financial Aid/Scholarship awards are made after careful consideration of a candidate’s academic performance. The individual’s involvement in various co-and extra-curricular activities, leadership potential demonstrated through initiative seeking, and ability to make a positive contribution to the overall campus environment are also major decision factors in making financial awards.

  • Substantial tuition fee waivers are available to outstanding students based on merit & need.
  • HEC-JICA (Japanese government) need based scholarships available to eligible students.