Alumni Success Stories (FALL 2010)
Alumni Success Stories Seminar was held at Imperial College of Business Studies at 1:00pm on Wednesday, November 24, 2010. College arranges such seminars for the alumni on a regular basis, where the successful alumni come to the college to share their personal and professional experiences with the current student body.

Ms. Asma Umar began with a welcome note and a brief introduction about the guest speakers. All the staff members, faculty, & a large body of students participated.

Our first speaker, Mr. Naimul Abd (MBA, 1996), who is currently working as a General Manager Marketing in Service Sales Corporation and having around twelve years of rich experience in diverse range of functions. He had been the President of Student Management Club during his MBA and won gold medal. He was very informative and entertaining as he shared the video of his company and his flourishing story with us. He praised the ICBS faculty for training and refining him and made him internalize a lot of good values. The following tips were given by him for a successful career:

 Always start with knowing yourselfass
 Explore the world around you
 Have vision and focus on long term objectives
 Picture your customer well you can earn well
 If you think too much you can’t do much
 Reward yourself for any good
 Balancing the things in life is very important
 Learning is a lifelong process.
 Put in your best in whatever you do.

He ended up saying:

“Do you take people as grass to cut or wings to fly”.

Ms. Sadaf Akhtar (MBA, 1995), who is working with United Bank Limited as Customer Sales Head told that the hard work is the key that has brought her to this position. She emphasized on communication skills. She explained how to create a positive image in order to get a good job in the market. She shared the following important points for a successful career:

 Good communication skills
 Hard work pays off
 Always take initiatives
 Face challenges
 Explore leadership skills within you
 Learn directly from your boss
Mr. Aqeel Saifi (EMBA, 2007), is currently working as a Marketing Manager in Nishat Chunian. He is another gold medalist for the best EMBA graduate of the year 2007. Being loyal and contented, he has worked only with one organization till now and has learnt so much going through various positions. He also shared the crux of a successful career explaining the following points:

 Choose the career with care, find the passion in yourself
 Money is important but it’s not everything, goal is important
 Find the fault in yourself
 Respect is to be commanded and not demanded
 Organizational loyalty is not important but work with dedication & commitment
 Honesty & integrity are a part of you
 Grass is always greener on the other side
 Don’t be stagnant, keep moving in life
 Respect for people
 Balance between personal & professional life


The house was open for an interactive question and answer session. Students put many interesting questions. Some of them are given below:

»Why fresh graduates are not treated well in the organizations?
»Why youngsters without experience get exploited when they start looking for jobs?
»How much the name of ICBS helped you in your career?
»Why people are reluctant to leave their jobs?
»Why people could not find out which career to choose?

Dr. Nisar was requested to hand over the souvenirs to our guest speakers. Mrs. Fakhar Ahmad ended the seminar with the words of thanks. She said that there must be a will to rise and hard work always pays.

Everybody was treated with pizzas & snacks for lunch. Photographs were taken at the end. The alumni felt honored as they were invited to come and speak at the Alumni Success Stories Seminar.

“I want to remember the people we were and hear the people we became.”
John Stevenson