The Fulbright Scholarship Program administered by The United States Educational
Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP) has been operating in Pakistan since 1951 and has
over 3000 active Fulbright alumni with Master’s and PhD degrees from U.S.
universities. Recently USEFP launched Fulbright Connect – an annual
networking meet connecting Fulbright alumni with industry professionals.
Fulbright Connect is an ideal setting for recruiters to network with the largest U.S.
graduate network in Pakistan.
A Fulbright Connect event was held on 5th September 2015 at Fulbright Center,
within Forman Christian College, Lahore wherein Prof. Dr. Sadaqat Mehdi,
Registrar (Academics) as Fulbright Scholar and Mr. Zubair Chaudhary, Imperial
College of Business Studies (ICBS), Lahore participated and discussed a wide-
range of topics related to career advancement and opportunities in ICBS and also
provided guidance to alumni present at the event.