University Facilities

Students who have superior academic achievement in a trimester are recognized by being placed on the Honor Rolls:


Library Circulation Policy is available for the Students in the Library.

Computer Lab:

School provides a well-equipped computer lab for the use of all students. However, an efficient use of this resource requires a time management system, and responsible attitude on the part of the students. It is recommended that students plan their use of facilities well in advance, so that their assignments and term/papers are not delayed due to prior occupancy of terminals by other students.


The café strives to maintain a certain quality in the provision of food products. Snacks and meals are available all day to facilitate the students as they have to work long hours. The café staff is courteous and they are there to provide refreshments and food to students, staff and faculty.


College provides transport to a lot of students on nominal monthly charge. Public transport is easily available on the canal bank road.

Hostel Accommodation:

School helps the students to find suitable accommodation in the nearby localities at reasonable rents. Bahria Town and Izmir society provide plenty of hostel facilities at nominal rents to our students. There lots of other societies in the close proximity of the school where rental accommodation can be found and we provide the necessary assistance for that purpose.

Notice Board:

No student is allowed to display a notice on the notice board without prior permission.

Student Counseling & Support:

Student Advisory Council: The Student Advisory Council, consisting of faculty and staff members who are involved to provide a framework of support and advice to the student body, as well as help the administration to maintain high quality academic standards of Schools. Confidentiality is maintained in all matters where a student has personal study related difficulties.

Students are advised and encouraged to consult the advisory council to sort out their problems. The Student Advisory Council meetings are also attended by the SAAD administrative staff members including Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Senior Coordinators and Student Affairs Officer.

Quality Assurance Enhancement Cell:

School has also established a Quality Enhancement Cell that assists the administration in maintaining the academic quality of education. It provides help to faculty members so that they can impart good education through their knowledge and experience.

It oversees the hiring of quality teachers, who have the necessary communication and technical skills to teach the students and make them competent for a competitive world. This ensures the imparting and the delivery of high quality education.