Faculty of Health & Allied Sciences offers programs to F.Sc or equivalent students. The board of studies of Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Imperial college of business studies (ICBS) discussed and finalized

“Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences” program and other programs for F.Sc Pre Medical or equivalent students.

The committee was comprised of following:

  1. Dr. Ahmed Bilal Waqar (PhD-Pathology)
  2. Sameen Amjed(M.Phil)
  3. Eiman Syed(M.Phil)
  4. Junaid Jafar
  5. Muhammad Atif (M.Sc)

The members agreed that with the increase in the total number of hospitals and health care institutes all over Pakistan and due to the advancement of technology in the Medical Laboratory profession the introduction of Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (DMLS) degree will be beneficial for the students. The degree program curriculum was also reviewed and it was agreed that it will be of 5 years divided into 10 semesters with 1 extra year of 2 semesters which includes following subjects and laboratory rotations.

  1. Molecular Biology & Genetics-I & II (6 credit hour/semester)
  2. Clinical Pathology –I & II (6 credit hour/semester)
  3. Laboratory Biosafety & Management-I & II (3 credit hour/ semester)
  4. Clinical Laboratory Rotations (6 credit hour/semester)

Few amendments have been made in the previous curriculum. Computer Education (2 credit hour) and behavioral Sciences (2 credit hour) have been limited to only one semester and Medical Laboratory instrumentation (2 credit hour) and English (2 credit hours) has been included in first and second semester.

The eligibility for this degree will be F.Sc Pre Medical / equivalent from a recognized institute. The board of studies approved the curriculum of the degree placed at Annexure-I. The matter is placed before the academic council for consideration and approval please.