Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelors Of Business Administration(BBA-HONS)
  • BS Economics and Finance(BS(Eco-Fin.))
  • Bachelors Of Sciences In Applied Accounting(BS-AA)

Graduate Programs

  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA (3.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (2.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (1.5 Years))
  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA Executive)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Ph.D in Management Sciences
  • MS/M. Phil in Management Sciences

MS in Management

Preparing scholars for complex and demanding performance standards across various management areas

Program Description:

MPhil Programme at School of Management Sciences and Economics prepares outstanding professionals and academicians for industry and the academic world. The objective of research at the SMS&E is to contribute towards the existing body of knowledge.  This happens when an MPhil student reveals new knowledge either by discovering new facts, by formulating theories or by innovatively re-interprets the existing data, concepts and ideas.

This Program is made up of coursework and a supervised research thesis, and graduates are able to carry out research under the supervision of faculty members from the School of Management Sciences and Economics. The MPhil curriculum enables students to master research concepts and skills that are necessary in solving business management issues.  A successful MPhil graduate is someone who can bring ideas from his/her research findings to bear on important business problems within the context of his/her individual workplace. The MPhil coursework is led by our highly qualified faculty, in an environment that is stimulating and challenging and requires a lot of commitment


Career Prospects:

MS program at SMS&E develops insight about the critical thinking, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and collaboration. This degree opens new horizons for the professional to lead the world as a practitioner, academician, researcher and management consultant. Our students being our pride have achieved the positions in Higher Education Institutes and are also working as international/national consultant and are running different research projects.


The Coursework:

The MPhil coursework introduces the student to a wide range of theories and methodologies used in researching all types of topics in management science. This coursework consists of eight subjects spread over three semesters. It starts with broad aspects of management research and moves on to the specific skills that are needed to conduct and deliver a compelling research design and literature review. To complete each coursework subject, the student will need to attend 48 hours of class work and complete a substantial amount of private research in preparing for class assignments and examinations. Once he has reached and consistently maintained a high standard during the coursework, he will then be able to move on to his thesis.


Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Requirements: 16 years of education (Business and Non Business*) / Equivalent from an accredited educational institute with CGPA 2.5 or minimum 2nd Division

GAT General score of minimum 50%

*Applicant have to pass deficiency courses

Specialization: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance & Economics

Award of Degree: 30 credit hours spread over 4 semesters

Thesis: Students are required to complete a research project of specialization area of 6 credit hours in the final year of their MS/MPhil program

                                 Semester Wise Break Up

Sr. No. Course Titles Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 Core Courses (Research Methodology: Statistical Technique for Management Research) 3
2 Quantitative Techniques of Research in Business 3
3 Elective I 3
4 Elective II 3
Semester – II
5 Qualitative Methods of Research in Business 3
6 Core Courses (Research Techniques in Management)
7 Elective III
8 Elective-IV 3
*Dissertation 6
Total CH 30
*After successful completion of course work




Generalized Courses


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Strategic Management 3
2 Leadership Theory and Practice 3
4 Decision Sciences 3
5 History of Management Thought 3
6 Project Management 3
7 Organizational Science 3
8 Knowledge Management & Information System 3
9 Econometrics 3


Electives Courses Management


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Organizational Theory 3
3 Econometrics 3
5 History of Management Thought 3
6 Project Management 3
7 Organizational Science 3


Electives Courses Human Resource Management


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Seminar in HRM 3
2 Strategic Talent Management 3
3 Managing Human Capital 3
4 Strategic Human Resource Management 3


Electives Courses Marketing


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Consumer Behavior Models 3
2 Services Marketing 3
3 Strategic Advertising and Branding Management 3
4 Seminar in Marketing 3
5 Issues in Marketing Research 3
6 Strategic Marketing 3


Electives Courses Finance


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Portfolio Selection Management 3
2 Advance Corporate Finance 3
3 Seminar in Finance 3
4 Advanced Topics in Financial Instruments and Markets 3
5 Advanced Topics in International Finance 3
6 Advanced Financial Management 3


Eligibility for non-business 16 year degree holders

The students with 16-year of non-relevant education will be required to do 30 to 36 credit hours of deficiency courses. The following courses are recommended to be successfully completed as minimum requirement.

Sr. No. Course Title
1 Financial Accounting – I
2 Financial Accounting – II
3 Introduction to Management
4 Introduction to HRM
5 Marketing Management
6 Business Finance
7 Principles of Marketing
8 Financial Management
9 Business Economics
10 Business Mathematics and Statistics