Management Research Project:


A student must have a minimum of 3.00 cumulative GPA at the time of application and has proven ability to undertake an independent research study in an area where due to his personal involvement; he can make distinct contribution in the advancement of the subject of his choice.

Project Proposal:

A student must submit a project proposal to the College consisting of 500 words (two copies) containing a summary of the program of research/contents he/she may like to undertake and the approximate time by which the research project will be completed.

The project proposal when received by the university will be examined by the Associate Dean and the applicant will be informed about the outcome of his/her request within two weeks from the date of receipt of his/her project proposal by the university.
In case the Project Proposal is accepted by the university and intimation to that effect is received by the student, registration formalities must be completed by the applicant at the earliest so that an appropriate faculty can be appointed to undertake desired supervision of the research project.


The appointment of a faculty to supervise the research study project will be approved by the Dean of school. The Dean/Associate Dean may have to move the proposal along with their recommendations and suggested names of the faculty considered suitable to carry out the responsibility of supervision of the research project.


A research project proposal when approved and the necessary formalities of registration and fee payment are completed by the student, the university will issue a letter confirming the commencement of his/her research work and the appointment of a supervisor to supervise his/her research project.


The complete research project report should be submitted no later than four months from the date of commencement of the project. Any extension in the date would have to be approved by the University Research Council.

Research Council


The research project on its completion will be examined by the Research Council and the candidate has to defend his/her research project in a special meeting of the Research Council. Such a meeting will be arranged within one month of the submission of the completed research project report (3 copies).

The Research Council will have the following members:

  • Dean/Associate Dean
  • Faculty: Related to the Field of Research study
  • Faculty: Current Course In charge Business Research Methods
  • Faculty: Supervisor of the Research Study Project.


Grading of the Research Report:

The research project when completed and received by the school (in required number of copies) will be forwarded to the members of the Research Council for their independent evaluation. Each member of the Research Council will be required to assign a letter grade to the research project, reflecting the quality of work done by the candidate. However, the final letter grade assigned to the research project will be based on the results of the meeting of the Research Council in which the candidate will have to defend his/her research project.