“To Educate and Nurture the Future Business Leaders who can bring Positive Social Change and Make a Difference in the Global World maintaining the Higher Ethical standards”
The Department of Management Sciences and Economics is the oldest at Imperial College of Business Studies till 2012. It offers an exclusive academic environment and socio-cultural ethos. It focuses on the three important metrices of power, i.e., Inquiry, Insight and Impact. These three words define unique ways of learning, investigating and networking at MS&E. This distinguishes our students and provides them a competitive advantage during their entire professional lives. The educational philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that “transformational insights start with the laborious investigation and a fundamentals-based understanding of how organizations function, how markets work, and how people make decisions”. ICBS has also developed expertise in preparing students coming from diverse background to integrate the latent knowledge in this fast changing global business environment in any organization; industry and at any point in their professional career.
Since, global perspective is highly emphasized at ICBS; students are also encouraged to become part of global working managers through a comprehensive national and international linkages. MS&E graduates are welcomed in the industry.