Class Conduct

Class Preparation:

It is essential that students come prepared to get the most out of a class lecture and case discussions. Concepts covered in the class are easier to comprehend if a student has completed assignments before coming to the class. Undivided commitment, attention and efforts are key to better study and learning.

Class Attendance:

Students must plan to maintain regular attendance in each course. Although, the attendance policy is determined at the discretion of individual course instructors,students must understand that regular attendance is essential for learning and maintaining good academic performance.

Class Participation:

Class attendance is NOT class participation. It is essential that a student come prepared to get the most out of a class lecture and case discussion. Material is generally not easily comprehensible if a student has not completed assignments prior to class session.

Expected Study Habits:

The coursework is based on continuous teacher-student interaction, class discussions and student participation. The course instructors make assignments of reading materials prior to their discussion/lecture in the class. It is essential for a student to go through the reading material prior to the class in order to interact effectively with the instructor and fellow students. Students must not only prepare assigned topics from the required textbooks, recommended books, and supplementary material, but where necessary, will also search for relevant material elsewhere.