Course Exemption

  • Imperial College undergraduate or students who have done work at other institutions locally (chartered) or abroad offered admission and are eligible for exemption are required to fill in prescribed exemption form.
  • Exemptions will be given after examining (By Dean/Associate Dean of the concerned school) the relevance of courses and level of grades
  • Courses up to “C” grade will be given exemptions
  • Minimum course work to be completed at the Imperial College is 50% of relevant program
  • Relevance of courses and grades is checked before granting approval of exemptions as per rules.

‘A’ Level students seeking admission for the BBA (Hons)/BCS Program are given the following exemptions:

  • ‘If 3 ‘A’ levels are done with a C Grade or higher, are exempted from 18 credit hrs of work.
  • If 4 ‘A’ levels are done with a C Grade or higher, are exempted from 24 credit hrs of work. (No exemption is given for an Urdu course)
  • Letter is issued to the student informing him/her about the approval of courses exempted.

Students seeking admission to the MBA Program, having completed a four year Bachelors Program. Exemption will be given only for those courses with a B Grade and above. No exemption will be given for courses with a C Grade or below.

Course Exemption Fee

A 20% (of the normal course fee) will be applicable for each course exempted.It is waived for Imperial College graduates.

Course Registration on Announced Dates

Students are required to register on the announced dates each semester for the course work they want to undertake. New students, joining the program for the first time, will be required to register during College Orientation Session, usually held at the beginning of the semester. All continuing students will be required to register during the Advance Registration period as per dates given in the Academic Calendar. Course registration is the process of enrolling and paying tuition fee for the courses and other dues each semester.

General Procedure

The course registration form is available from the main office during the registration week. The registration form will already have the courses entered on it. If the student needs advising/assistance in course registration then he/she must see the Director / Dean (Student Affairs)/Registrar during the Advance Registration Week. The student is expected to read the “Important Academic Regulations” given at the back of the original course registration form before signing. The course registration form is taken by the student to the accounts department for fee payment. Registration is completed on payment of the tuition fee (and registration fee, if required).

Advance Registration

All the currently enrolled students are required to register in advance for the following trimester. Advance registration dates are announced in the academic calendar. However, these dates are usually displayed by the College administration on the college notice boards for the attention of the students.

Independent Study Course:

An advanced undergraduate or graduate student who has a special interest in a specific academic area and would like to explore and study the topic in greater depth may be permitted to register in the Independent Study Course (ISC) under the supervision of a faculty member.
In this course the student performance evaluation may be based on:

Quizzes: six or less

Mid-term exam or two monthly exams

Home assignments: five or less

Term report: if required

Other assignments: if considered appropriate

Final Exam

In case a course instructor wants to design his/her own parameters to evaluate the student performance different from the above, he/she may do so after getting the approval of the Director/Dean/College Academic Committee/Designated School official.

In all cases the course instructor will be required to draft the program of instructions, including student evaluation program by showing score distribution for the information and approval of the Dean (or designated official) before it is handed over to the students. The prescribed form must be completed before course registration.

The course instructor will be required to deposit all the material at the end of the course with the Academic Affairs Officer.

The Independent study course may be equivalent to one to six credit hours of regular work, depending upon the rigor of the course. The credit hours will be decided by the School Academic Committee in consultation with the course instructor.

Course Load:

Based on the academic performance, students are advised to take an appropriate course load. Registration in more than the normal course load may be permitted by the Dean/Associate Dean if he or she is satisfied that this will not adversely affect the student’s academic progress

Normal Course Load:

Undergraduate Programs : Five Courses (18 credit hours)

Graduate Programs: Four courses (16 credit hours).

Normal course load for Executive MBA is two courses (8 credit hours).