Organization of Social Events

Student body can use the facilities for social events as long as these functions are consistent with the objectives of the university. In organizing a special event, student representatives should adhere to the following procedure:


Purpose of the social event must be specified. The student representative should make a list of equipment and services of the University that are required. If food is to be served, arrangement for food catering must be made.


Give details of how the function will be funded. If any funding is expected from the University, a request with a specific budget must be submitted to the Dean of school for approval. No amount is expended on behalf of the University, without an approval.


The function and its activities must be approved by the Dean of respective school before making any formal arrangements.


It is the organizing body’s responsibility to make sure that the university rules and regulations are observed before, during and after the function. The premises must be left safe and clean after the event.


The students should get advice and coordinate the event with Coordinator Student Affairs of the respective School.