Student Conduct

Awareness of Institution Policies:

It is the student’s responsibility to keep informed about the College policies and the deadlines for various activities. READING THE EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS will keep student up to date on deadlines for various activities such as add/drop, withdraws, registration, tuition fee payments, clearance from library and computer lab, etc.


Both students and instructors are expected to be in the class on time. Students should be in the class before the arrival of instructor. The instructor may take roll call at the beginning of the class. Late comers may be marked as absent.


The College admits students assuming mature conduct on the part of students. Regularity in class attendance, proper behavior in and out of the class rooms towards instructors, colleagues and staff of the University are expected norms.
Misbehavior towards faculty members and staff may result in immediate separation from the program. Damage to Institution property may result in appropriate penalty and/or in serious situations separation from the program.


Students are required to behave in a decent and, socially acceptable manner towards their teachers, college administration and fellow students. It is recommended that all students use English as the medium of communication on the campus, in general, and during class sessions in particular. This advice is motivated by the fact that English is the medium of education for the program and the realization that regular use of a language helps remove deficiencies and inhibitions among users and improve their command of the language.

Meeting the Deadlines:

Students are provided an “Academic Calendar” for the program which indicates “Important Dates to Remember”, e.g. the “Registration Week”, “last date of Add/Drop”, last day to withdraw from a course with a “W”, and “Mid-term/Final Exam” etc. Other dates and deadlines e.g., last date for submission of term-papers. Dates for assignment presentations for particular courses are given in the course outline or handouts or will be provided separately by the course instructor. It is in students’ own interest that these dates are strictly observed and deadlines met. No relaxation is provided after due dates.

Class Room Mannerisms:

Students are expected to conduct themselves as professionals in class and observe a disciplined atmosphere. Class attendance is taken regularly and may constitute a part of the final course grade. Late arrival in the class distracts the instructor and other students. Class participation by students is expected and strongly encouraged. However, to maintain class discipline and effectiveness, it is recommended that a student asks question and enter in a discussion by asking permission from the instructor. During discussions among fellow students a polite and dignified behavior must be maintained.

Dress Code:

The students are required to be reasonably well dressed when coming to the university. The dresses should conform to the academic environment and should be decent in appearance.


  • Smoking is not allowed at the university campus except in the designated smoking areas.
  • Any student found smoking will be penalized
  • Disciplinary action may be taken against the habitual ‘no smoking’ offender.

Mobile Phones:

  • Mobile phones must be switched off when attending the classes, library, and computer lab and offices.
  • If the mobile phone is not switched off and it rings while attending classes, library, computer lab and administrative offices penalty will be imposed which will be collected with the fee.
  • Restricted use of mobile phones may be allowed at the places like canteen, student lounge and car park area.

Class Discipline:

Students should not leave the class until the lecture is over. Leaving the classroom (for any reason) while the lecture is in progress is not permitted.