Engineering Programs

  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering
  • B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc Civil Engineering
  • B.Sc Chemical Engineering
  • B.Sc Mechatronics Engineering
  • M.Sc Civil Engineering
  • M.Sc Electrical Engineering
  • M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
  • M.Sc Engineering Management
  • Ph.D Electrical Engineering
  • Ph.D Mechanical Engineering

Technology Programs

  • B.Sc Civil Technology
  • B.Sc Electrical Technology
  • B.Sc Mechanical Technology
  • B.Sc Chemical Technology
  • B.Sc Electronics Technology

B.Sc Mechanical Technology

Program Introduction

The undergraduate BS-Tech Mechanical Program is based on a sound grounding in the principles and fundamentals of mechanics through practical work and problem solving activities. We provide our students a blend of technical and managerial skills coupled with tips for maximum effectiveness in mechanical productivity. This added skill has certainly enhanced the confident level of our students.
This course is designed to prepare for a career as chartered technologists within a broad range of mechanical and manufacturing industries, as well as covering areas as diverse as robotics and the health care environment.