Conference Program

Session I

0900-0930 Hrs    Registration

0930-0945 Hrs    Guests to be seated in ICBS Auditorium

0945 -0950 Hrs   Recitation of Holy Quran

0950-1000 Hrs    Welcome address by Dr. Ahmed Bilal Waqar, Director of IPGMI

1000-1015 Hrs    Dr. Yasir Waheed, FU, Islamabad

1015-1030 Hrs    Dr. Sher Zaman Safi, UM, Malaysia

1030-1045 Hrs    Dr. Shafiq Ur Rahman, University of Punjab, Lahore

1045-1100 Hrs    Dr. Farukh Javed, University of Haripur

1100-1115 Hrs    Dr. Fahed Pervaiz, COMSAT, Islamabad

1115-1130 Hrs    Dr. Muhammad Imran, ICBS, Lahore

1130-1145 Hrs    Dr. Shah Jahan, UHS, Lahore

1145-1230 Hrs    Dr. Benjamin Berkhout, University of Amsterdam, Netherland

1230-1245 Hrs    Dr. Sadaf Zaidi, NUST, Islamabad

1245-1300 Hrs    Dr. Sajjad Ullah, CAMB, Lahore

1300-1330 Hrs    Dr. Kanyarat Thueng-in, Suranaree University, Thailand

Session II

1400-1450 Hrs    Lunch Break

1450-1530 Hrs    Visit to Poster presentations

1530-1600 Hrs    Prize distribution and tea

1600-1610 Hrs    Address by the Chief Guest, Chairman

BOGs/Vice Chancellor ICBS

Symposium Secretariat:

Imperial Post Graduate Medical Institute (IPGMI)

Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS)

Shahkam Chowk, Canal Bank road Lahore, Pakistan

Symposium Organizer:

Dr. Ahmed Bilal Waqar; Director IPGMI, ICBS Lahore

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