– Application Procedure
– Admission on provisional basis
– Admission with advance placement / standing
– Early Admissions
– Late Admissions

Application Procedure

All applicants seeking admission for the first time at Imperial College will be required to follow standard admission procedure:

Pakistani Students
a. Submission of properly filled out application form with supporting documents and reference letters (at least one by an academic referee).
b. Three thumb size photographs.
c. Payment of application processing fee is taken in cash however cheques will also be accepted.
d. Taking Imperial College Entrance Examination and personal interview.
e. Financial aid form (if required).
f. Course exemption form (if required).

International Students

Same procedure as above is to be followed except section “C”.

Imperial Graduates

ICBS Undergraduates seeking admission are not required to appear for the admission test. Students with CGPA of 2.5 or above are also not required to appear for the interview. However, students with less than 2.5 CGPA are required to appear.

Admission on Provisional Basis

A student may be admitted on provisional basis to a degree program for one term, for example where the final result of the previous program/degree is awaited. However, the conditionality of the provisional admission must be cleared before the student can join the classes of the second term.

Admission with Advanced Placement/Standing

At the time of admission students who may have done similar course work and earned grades elsewhere (in other recognized institutions local or abroad) can apply for exemption. Local Institute previously attended has to be chartered by the Govt. Such cases will be examined individually to see the relevance of the courses and the level of grades obtained.

Early Admissions

In case of admissions where applicants have requested an early/individual processing of application, a partial admission fee of Rs.3000/- is to be submitted at the time of processing (refundable in full if they are refused admission).

In case they are accepted for admission, the advance payment of Rs.3000/- is adjusted towards payment of College dues. The fee is non-refundable in all other cases.