Message from Director Admissions / Student Affairs

Our Admission philosophy is to educate students and families about our programs of study. We are here to help you throughout admission process. Our admission councilors provide one-on-one support to guide you in your career planning. Our programs are taught by faculty members who are experts in their fields. Faculty members are not just teachers, they are working professionals, who serve mentors. Students are assisted with balanced academic, extra-curricular and social activities in a conducive environment. If you decide to join us, I am confident that you will feel a pride to be a part of this institution. We invite you to visit our beautiful purpose built campus that makes this a great place to come to each day.

Admission Policies And Procedure:

The Academic Policies and Procedures are an essential reading for students so that they remain fully informed about the current policies, rules and regulations of the Institute.
The policies also help the students to plan their course load, know the performance indicators and their computations.
The Academic Policies & Procedures along with periodic notices put up on different bulletin boards or e-mail Communication Constitute the primary means of communicating the college administrative and academic policies. It is therefore, important that students read the bulletin boards and e-mails regularly.
The policies + procedures are subject to change/amendments whenever new rules and regulations are approved by the College.

Admissions Procedure:

The institution offers admission to its various academic programs twice a year.

All applicants seeking admission for the first time will be required to follow standard admission procedure including:

  • Filing of properly filled out application form with supporting documents and reference letters.
  • Payment of application processing fee.
  • Taking Entrance Examination and personal interview.
  • Payment of all dues including admission and registration fee when accepted for admission.
  • Applicants with a GMAT score of more than 450 may be exempted from taking the Imperial entrance examination.

Late/Early Admissions:

Applications for admission which are received after the normally scheduled entrance examination date or where applicants have requested an early/individual processing of application, may be required to deposit the partial admission fee at the time of submitting the application form (refundable in full if they are refused admission).

The admission & registration fee is non-refundable in all cases.

College Graduates:

Imperial College graduates when applying for admission to a new program will be required to follow the standard admission procedure except that such applicants will not be required to pay admission fee again. The requirement of entrance examination and personal interview may be waived in certain cases depending on student’s prior academic performance.

Advanced Placement/Course Waiver:

At the time of admission students who may have done similar course work and have earned grades elsewhere (in other local institutions or abroad) can apply for exemptions. Local Institutes previously attended must be chartered by the Government. Such cases will be examined individually to see the relevance of the courses and the level of grades obtained.

Undergraduates taking admission in Master’s Program:

Undergraduates of ICBS seeking admission in the Masters need not appear for the admission test. Students with CGPA of 2.5 or above are also not required to appear for the interview. However, students with less than 2.5 CGPA will appear for the interview for their admission to Master’s Program. These students will only pay the program registration fee.

Admission on Provisional Basis:

A student may be admitted on provisional basis to a degree program for one semester, for example where the final result of the previous program/degree is awaited. However, the conditionality of the provisional admission must be cleared before the student can join the classes of the second semester.