Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture (B.Int.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting (BFA-Painting)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Miniature Painting (BFA-Mini.Painting)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture (BFA-Sculpture)
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design (B.Des.Graphic)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Product Design (B.Des.Industrial Product)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.Des.Fashion)

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
  • Master of Interior Architecture (M.Int.Arch.)
  • Master of Visual Arts (M.V.A.)
  • Master of Fashion Design (M.Des.Fashion)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Architecture (PGD-Arch.)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Interior Architecture (PGD-Int.Arch.)
  • Post-Grad. Diploma of Landscape Architecture (PGD-L.Arch.)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts in Painting (PGD.FA-Painting)
  • Post-Grad. Dip. of Fine Arts in Mini. Painting.(PGD.FA-Mini.Painting)
  • Post-Grad. Diploma of Fine Arts in Sculpture (PGD.FA-Sculpture)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Fashion Design (PGD.Des-Fashion)
  • Post-Grad.Dip. of Industrial Product Design (PGD.Des-Indust.&Product)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Graphic Design (PGD.Des-Graphic)

Rules & Regulations

Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.Des.Fashion)

Bachelor of Fashion Design endeavors to create new generation of designers and entrepreneurs who are highly skilled and creative hitherto understand the demands of local and international market.
The program focuses on developing skill, progress of individual creativity, learning about trends and forecast and exploring new methods and techniques of fashion.
The subjects taught are combination of both theoretical and practical in order to develop original thoughts and fully expand an initial concept by constant research and experimentation with three dimensional garments.
The process of selection of courses and their relative locations in semesters was meticulous, time taking, but highly rewarding.
A comprehensive research was done to rationalize courses to be included in Fashion Design. Courses recommended by HEC, B. Fashion Design curriculum were reviewed. Then, courses offered in various Fashion institutions in Pakistan, as well as courses found in landmark Fashion institutes around the world were juxtaposed and analyzed. Selection of courses was governed by objectives.

Educational Objectives:

  • Design to acquire knowledge of Basic design theory and studio subjects.
  • To learn design methodology
  • Students should be able to understand the design process and related technical details from conception in form of a sketch to its execution. They acquire creative and technical skills essential for experimentation and execution in future.
  • The emphasis on experimentation to develop new ideas, keeping the student’s creativity and individuality intact.
  • Developing further to generate new design solutions keeping in mind the trend and forecast.


  • Fashion designers with professional degree (BFD) will be competent for professional practice as well as capable of pursuing their higher studies in Fashion Design or related disciplines in Pakistan & abroad.
  • The students working on their own projects show their creative and innovative solutions, which is showcased on the ramp/exhibition. Detailed documentation of their research and documentation is compulsory.


  • 140 Credits, 8 semesters, Full-time

Eligibility/Admission Requirements:

F.Sc./FA/ I.com./ICS/DAE/B.Tech.(pass)/A-Level 3 courses with “C” grade or equivalent (12 year of Education) with 2nd division.