Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Interior Architecture (B.Int.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.Arch)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting (BFA-Painting)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Miniature Painting (BFA-Mini.Painting)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture (BFA-Sculpture)
  • Bachelor of Graphic Design (B.Des.Graphic)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Product Design (B.Des.Industrial Product)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.Des.Fashion)

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
  • Master of Interior Architecture (M.Int.Arch.)
  • Master of Visual Arts (M.V.A.)
  • Master of Fashion Design (M.Des.Fashion)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Architecture (PGD-Arch.)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Interior Architecture (PGD-Int.Arch.)
  • Post-Grad. Diploma of Landscape Architecture (PGD-L.Arch.)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts in Painting (PGD.FA-Painting)
  • Post-Grad. Dip. of Fine Arts in Mini. Painting.(PGD.FA-Mini.Painting)
  • Post-Grad. Diploma of Fine Arts in Sculpture (PGD.FA-Sculpture)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Fashion Design (PGD.Des-Fashion)
  • Post-Grad.Dip. of Industrial Product Design (PGD.Des-Indust.&Product)
  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Graphic Design (PGD.Des-Graphic)

Rules & Regulations

Bachelor of Interior Architecture (B.Int.Arch)

  • This Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture Program includes the basic foundation of the Interior Design Program that allows students a more comprehensive exposure to the profession of Interior Design.
  • Focus of undergraduate studies is to provide students with access to resources involving research, building and community components. Students gain hands-on experience in studio courses with guidance from experienced faculty
  • The program for the Bachelor of Interior Architecture degree is focusing on the design of architectural interiors with particular focus on sustainability, materiality, color theory, lighting, and the social and cultural aspects of habitable space.

Educational Objectives:

  • Develop a broad base of theoretical knowledge, and the necessary practical skills.
  • To expose students to the current issues in theory and practice, and to the latest technology in the field.
  • To prepare students to assume their role as Interior Architects upon graduation.


  • Ability to practice interior architecture in various contexts and cultures.
  • Capacity for critical thinking, and the ability for problem solving
  • Ability to identify design issues, to conduct research, and to provide solutions.
  • Capability to design, and execute, projects relating to interior architecture, renovation, restoration and other related projects.
  • Flexibility to deal with a large scope of interior design problems, and to understand the different materials and technologies.


  • 140 Credits, 8 semesters, Full-time.

Eligibility/Admission Requirements:

F.Sc./FA/I.com./ICS/DAE/B.Tech.(pass)/A-Level 3 courses with “C” grade or equivalent (12 year of Education) with 2nd division.