Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
  • BS Economics and Finance(BS(Eco-Fin.))
  • Bachelors Of Sciences In Applied Accounting(BS-AA)

Graduate Programs

  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA (3.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (2.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (1.5 Years))
  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA Executive)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Ph.D in Management Sciences
  • MS/M. Phil in Management Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Media Management & Advertising

To provide manpower to the advertising or advertising-related industry

Bachelor of Science in Media Management and Advertising is four-year bachelors’ degree program. It has been specifically designed to provide the necessary training and exposure to students who are desirous to create a niche for themselves in the media industry. The program offers the highest level of education in media management and advertising. All the courses in this program are taught by qualitative and quantitative methods, keeping in perspective the present demands of the media and advertising industries. Courses such as media research and media advertising provide an in-depth knowledge of the latest state-of-the-art trends in the fields of media management and advertising. Media Science involves the application of scientific principles to assist decision makers in taking rational and intelligent decisions. It is concerned with scientifically deciding how best to design and operate systems, usually under conditions requiring the allocation of scarce resources. Management science tools and methods can be applied to many functional areas of business, such as management, marketing, finance, banking, human resource management and operations. Some of the more popular areas of application of management science techniques are services, manufacturing, natural resources, logistics, airline, telecommunication, and military sectors.

The Management Science programs at SMS&E focus on the application of management science techniques to operational and strategic decision problems, as opposed to fundamental research in mathematical optimization, stochastic modeling or statistics. Areas of current interest to faculty members include operations management in the service sector and in health care, operational flexibility, non-parametric statistical methods, and information systems. Almost all problems of interest in these areas are multi-dimensional in nature, and the stakeholders are also many with a diverse range of requirements.

Duration: 4 years

Eligibility Requirements: 12-years of formal education with minimum 2nd division.

Specialization: Media Management & Advertising

Award of Degree: 126 credit hours spread over 8 semesters

Internship / Project: Students are required to complete a research project of specialization
area of 6 credit hours in the final year of their BS program.

Semester Wise Break Up

Sr. No. Course Title Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 Introduction to Information Technology 3
2 English Composition 3
3 Islamic Communication Skills 3
4 Pakistan Studies Education 3
5 Introduction to Media Management and Advertising 3
6 Functional Urdu 3
Semester – II
7 General English II 3
8 Academic Reading and writing 3
9 Communication Culture Media and Society 3
10 Mass Media Development 3
11 Principles of Management 3
12 General Mathematics 3
Semester – III
13 Academic Reading and Report Writing 3
14 Logic and Critical Thinking 3
15 Contemporary Mass Media 3
16 Interpersonal Skills 3
17 Advertising 3
18 Principles of Marketing 3
Semester – IV
19 Ethics 3
20 Creativity & Innovation 3
21 Media Marketing 3
22 Consumer Behaviour 3
23 Journalistic Writing 3
24 Introduction to Psychology 3
Semester – V
23 E-Commerce 3
24 Entrepreneurship 3
25 Human Resource Management 3
26 Media Management and Marketing 3
27 Advertising and Public Relations (Eleative – I) 3
Semester – VI
28 Analytical Study of Media Management and Advertising (Elective – II) 3
29 Corporate Reputation Management 3
30 Customer Relationship Management 3
31 Research Methodology 3
32 International Advertising 3
Semester – VII
33 Event Management 3
34 Management Tycoons 3
35 Development Communication 3
36 Organizational Behavior 3
37 Integrated Marketing 3
Semester – VIII
38 Development in Media Management (Elective – III) 3
39 Media Packaging and Design 3
40 Management Culture 3
41 Dissertation/Research Project 3
42 Integrated Marketing Communication 3