Institute of Law & Policy

At Institute of Law & Policy, we are committed to excellence in education and scholarship, as well as equality of opportunity. We believe we have a responsibility to use our substantial intellectual capital to help solve real-world problems and to create a more just society through clinics, research, and policy engagement. We believe that an ILP degree is a tool for change, both locally and globally, and that we should be educating the leaders of tomorrow. We maintain an environment that nurtures academic and personal growth, respects a diversity of ideas, and stimulates independent thought and critical reasoning. Our students complete their legal training ready to engage the world’s most challenging issues across borders, jurisdictions, subject matters, sectors, and industries.

Diploma Programs
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Candidates who secure 80% or higher marks in their previous certificate/degree examinations can be considered for fee concession in tution fee which will be offered to those who qualify as per criteria determined by the management of Imperial University. This concession may be continued if CPGA is higher than a level specified by the management with a minimum workload of 15 credits or 5 courses in a semester. Only limited number of scholarships are available.

 Outstanding students securing a good CGPA during the studeis are encouraged by providing scholarships. The amount of scholarship varies in each semester. However 25% to 50% tution fee canb be waived off on a crreiteria determined by the management of Imperial University. provided the respected student does not default on discipline, attendance , etc. and the condition for workload mentioned before.