Was established in 1991 by the Pakistan Benevolence & Social Management Trust. The initial development of Imperial College was supported by academic collaboration with the University of Hull, Uk. In 2002, ICBS was chartered by the Govt. of Punjab as an independent degree awarding institution. The Higher Education Commission(HEC) awarded the College with the highest category status “W” which is reserved for those institutions that fulfills all the criteria of an International Quality University. The awarded degrees are recognized by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan Engineering Council and by the institutions abroad.

The College serves the national and international community through a broad spectrum of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, professional training, public service, research, creative activities and outreach programs. It offers highly market oriented academic programs in multiple disciplines including BSc. Engineering, Management Sciences, Computing, Information Technology, Applied Technology, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Commerce, Architecture and Fashion Designing.

The University has one of the most qualified groups of faculty members in each discipline.

The primary mission of the College is to move forward the frontiers of human knowledge through the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creativity. ICBS intends to produce leaders, scholars, scientists and entrepreneurs instilled with professional ethics, great character, and competence and with the vision to face the challenges of the future.