Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
  • BS Economics and Finance(BS(Eco-Fin.))
  • Bachelors Of Sciences In Applied Accounting(BS-AA)

Graduate Programs

  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA (3.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (2.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (1.5 Years))
  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA Executive)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Ph.D in Management Sciences
  • MS/M. Phil in Management Sciences

Master of Business Administration Executive

To develop and enhance business and organizational skills that is applicable to a wide range of organizations

To cultivate holistic concept of leadership in working professionals, who are eager to meet the challenges of business world. The program is to engage their professional skills and to nurture their talent for the upcoming challenges of the globe.
The Executive MBA curriculum has been developed to merge abstract constructs with real time business applications. The intensive knowledge of practical implications is one of the immersed necessities of the corporate sector; therefore, students in Executive MBA program are refined with scientific and updated tools to analyze the routine and complex situations for productive outcomes. The program is training based in which multiple tools are employed to coach the professionals to cope with uncertain situations in business. The skill development workshops have been integrated for professional grooming of the students in the areas of their choice. The program contains the involvement of resource persons from industry to raise students’ knowledge and expertise through advanced academia procedures instead of traditional teaching methods.
The successful completion of this program would lead participants to lucrative careers in the public and private sectors including large scale business groups focusing on the extension of their business at national and international level. This program also provides a solid platform to such individuals who are in pursuit of their career as successful businessmen and are able to handle the small scale entrepreneur setup of their own or a joint venture with existing business groups in the market with a latest trend to tackle the turbulent markets with a timely and talented visionary approach.


Duration: 2 years

Eligibility Requirements: This program has been designed for applicants who have already received at least 14 years of formal education and/or have one of the following degrees or equivalent: BA, BSc, BE, BS, MA, MBBS, B-Pharm., CA, ACMA, etc.

The candidate should have at least 4 years of managerial experience with a 14 years of education or minimum 2 years with a 16 years of formal education.

Specialization: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Finance & Economics

Award of Degree: 66 credit hours spread over 4 semesters

Project / Thesis: Students are required to complete a research project of specialization area of 6 credit hours in the final year of their MBA executive degree program


Semester wise break up

Sr. No. Course Titles Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 Financial Accounting 3
2 Fundamentals of Management 3
3 Micro Economics and Analysis 3
4 Business Communications 3
5 Computer Applications in Business 3
Semester – II
6 Macro Economics and Analysis 3
7 Data Analysis 3
8 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
9 Organizational Behavior 3
10 Business Finance-I 3
Semester – III
11 Business Finance-II 3
12 Business Research Methods 3
13 Operations Management 3
14 Human Resource Management 3
15 Elective-I 3
Semester – IV
16 Entrepreneurship and Business Planning 3
17 Business Law and Taxation 3
18 Strategic Management 3
19 Elective-II 3
20 Elective-III 3
21 Dissertation 6


Compulsory Courses


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Financial Accounting 3
2 Fundamentals of Management 3
3 Micro Economics and Analysis 3
4 Business Communication 3
5 Computer Applications in Business 3


Core Courses


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Data Analysis 3
2 Business Finance – I 3
3 Business Research Methods 3
4 Production Operations Management 3
5 Fundamentals of Marketing 3
6 Human Resource Management 3
7 Entrepreneur and Business Planning 3
8 Strategic Planning 3

Note 1: Major concentration of 12 Cr. Hrs. to be opted from List of Elective Courses given below


Elective Courses Finance


Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 International Financial Management 3
2 Banking Law & Practice 3
3 Behavioral Finance 3
4 Corporate Finance 3
5 Islamic Financial System 3
6 Investment & Portfolio Management 3
7 International Banking 3
8 Strategic Finance 3

Elective Courses Management/HRM

Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Organizational Development 3
2 Crises Management 3
3 Change Management 3
4 Resource Conservation Planning and Management 3
5 Strategic Talent Management 3
6 Strategic Training and Development 3
7 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
8 Managing Human Capital 3
9 Knowledge Management and Information Systems 3
10 Technology and Innovation Management 3

Elective Courses Marketing

Sr. No. Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1 Global Marketing 3
2 Distribution Management 3
3 Retail Marketing 3
4 Integrated Marketing Communications 3
5 Services Marketing 3
6 E-Marketing 3
7 Societal Marketing 3
8 Strategic Branding and Advertising 3
9 Strategic Marketing and Planning 3
10 Marketing Information System 3