Dean’s Message

Welcome to Imperial College of Business Studies, a seat of higher learning in Pakistan with wide array of academic options.

Pakistan is at a crucial juncture. We are facing multiple challenges: energy crises, deteriorating law and order situation, terrorism, unemployment, inflation, unsustainable population growth, and the list doesn’t end here. In the near future, we may face a serious water crisis as India has already constructed 4,710 large dams and currently 390 are under construction, while we are neither building dams nor planning the construction of large-scale water reservoirs. We also have to deal with the largest segment of our population, the youth, who are currently in a disillusioned and hopeless state. We need to refine and develop this asset for the nation. Pakistan has been gifted by God in all respects. We have the largest reservoirs of Gas that are unexplored, best land that needs proper cultivation, hardworking manpower that needs guidance, excellent geographical location that can be used for freight transportation by China, Russia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia etc.

The solution to all the problems in Pakistan is education. It is the key to the development of our country- enabling us to produce a future generation that is well-equipped and trained to address diverse issues and explore opportunities, locally and globally.

At Imperial College of Business Studies, you will find every program, every course, every plan and our every action geared towards converting Man Power to Mind Power. In the end, I hope that the Alumni, current and new arriving students will work hard towards making the dream of a Great Pakistan a Living Reality.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Mazhar