Welcome to Management Sciences and Economics (MS&E)


Management Sciences & Economics (MS&E) is the oldest Department at Imperial College of Business Studies 30042012433(ICBS). The Department seeks to provide for diverse needs of its students by offering them with the opportunity to become strong in the field of management sciences and economics. MS&E is vibrant, due to our dynamic academic  staff members, as well as our bright students. Our faculty members come from highly-reputable universities with specialized knowledge that runs the gamut of Business Studies, including all aspects and specialized areas of business studies. The Department is also focused in providing education to international students who are the major strength of the Department along with national students. The department has 15 highly qualified faculty members with extensive level of expertise over a broad range of subject areas and several years of experience. Our faculty is active in research by holding research projects. Due to its excellent quality, our Business and Management related courses are recognized by the HEC and NBEAC.

We also run a Community named Imperialite Education Welfare Caring Society (IEWCS) to support students who have potential but cannot get proper education due to resources limitations. We are also running an English Learning Centre (ELC) to help Business students to get acquainted with the use of English language in order to effectively and efficiently play their part in the growth and success of the organization. The Department is also determined towards research and aimed at arranging international conferences in ICBS to promote the research culture and help provide the platform for the researchers to share their ideas. We are also issuing Journal of Management and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2413-6964) from 2013 and earned a great response from researchers from all over the world.

We are excited about the future prospects of Pakistan in particular and  South Asia in general. If you are a prospective student or the parent of a prospective student, rest assured. We offer an internationally recognized degree, while helping students develop the skills desired by public and private sector employers in Pakistan and beyond. Our students find jobs both locally and internationally, and many of our students have successfully pursued further studies internationally.

On behalf of the Department of Management Sciences & Economics, I welcome our new students and visitors, and wish our current students and graduates well.

Muddasir Farooqi
HoD SMS&E, ICBS, Lahore.