MS/M.Phil In Computer Sciences (MSCS)

Objectives of this Program:

The Master of Science in Computer Science is a highly technical program and therefore presumes previous experience in Computer Science. The core courses provide an advanced understanding of the theoretical and applied computer science, which allows the student to begin exploring the specialization areas. It prepares students for advanced positions in industry and research.  The program consists of four core courses and a specialization track of three courses or a research thesis.

Eligibility Criteria:

(CS) 4Years Degree Program(min 130 credit hours)
Computer Science Conversion Course2 Years Degree Program referred to as “MCS”.

Program Structure:

Minimum Duration: 2 years
Minimum Credit Hours: 30

Category or Area Credit Hours
Core 12
Elective 12
Total Credit Hours 30

Course Details

Course Code Course Credit Hours
CSC5201 Advance Algorithm Analysis 3
CSC5301 Advanced Theory of Computation 3
CSC5302 Advanced Computer Artitecture 3
 CSC5203 Advanced Operating Systems 3
Total 12

Specialization 1 :

Course Code Course Credit Hours
CSC5701 Topics In Software Engineering 3
CSC5101 Research Methodology 3
CSC5702 Advance Software Project Management 3
CSC5703 Advance Software Quality Management 3
CSC6601 Simulation And Modeling 3
 CSC6602 Artificial Intelligence 3

Specialization 2:

Course Code Course Credit Hours
CSC5601 Adaptive Control Systems 3
CSC5101 Research Methodology 3
CSC5501 Advanced Databases 3
CSC5401 Cloud Computing 3
 CSC6501 Data Mining 3
 CSC6602 Artificial Intelligence 3