Dept. of English, Imperial College of Business Studies invites papers from Researcher and Academia to submit their papers for NATIONAL CONFERENCE on LANGUAGE, LITERATURE AND CULTURE to be held on APRIL 15-16, 2015.



The Conference 2015 will address a range of the following important streams


1. Writings of Pakistani diaspora

2. Globalization and issues in language/literature

3. Multiculturalism and issues in languages/literature

4. Literature and Environment

5. Diaspora Identities

6. Literature, Language and Human Rights

7. Literature, Language and Nationhood

8. War and literature

9. Sociolinguistic

10. Second Language Acquisition

11. Language learning theories

12. Critical Theory and issues in Linguistics

13. Innovative language teaching and learning methodologies

14. Cross-Cultural Communication

15. Translation and Interpretation

16. Discourse analysis

17. Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts of English Language Learning

18. Language, linguistic and speech resource development

19. Text Analysis

20. Language and Popular Culture

21. Linguistic Abuse and Social Media

22. Women’s Writings

23. Literature and Film

24. Contemporary Writings in English

25. Asian languages in globalized contexts

26. New Varieties of English

27. English for Specific Purpose



Abstract Submission Date:  Feb 15, 2015

Full Paper Submission Date: Feb25, 2015

Final Version: March 1, 2015

Registration Open: March 1, 2015

Conference Date: April 15 and 16, 2015

Award Ceremony: April 16, 2015


Conference Focal Person

Dr Nasim Riaz Butt

Professor of English




Department of English, language-literature & culture, Imperial College of Business Studies, Bahria Town/Shahkam Chowk, Lahore


Abstract Submission

Nariman Aziz (Literature Abstracts)

Anjum Nasim Rao (Language/linguistics Abstracts)

English conference
English conference