Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelors Of Business Administration(BBA-HONS)
  • BS Economics and Finance(BS(Eco-Fin.))
  • Bachelors Of Sciences In Applied Accounting(BS-AA)

Graduate Programs

  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA (3.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (2.5 Years))
  • Masters Of Business Administration(MBA (1.5 Years))
  • Master Of Business Administration(MBA Executive)

Post Graduate Programs

  • Ph.D in Management Sciences
  • MS/M. Phil in Management Sciences

PhD in Management

Investing in the future of management teaching and research

School of Management Sciences and Economics proposes to offer a reputable PhD programme that will bring together first-class faculty and cutting-edge research methods in an immersive, exciting study environment, where the next generation of business scholars can hone their expertise.

The program will invite the best business scholars to come to SMS&E to conduct pioneering interdisciplinary social science research that has a profound impact on the way the world does business. We will offer one of the most stimulating and well-resourced programmes. It arises to offers world-class teaching and a faculty at the forefront of research.


Program Description:

PhD students at SMS&E receive thorough and sophisticated training in the latest research methods, equipping them for productive academic careers. Their training consists of two parts: course work to give students a grasp of research skills and the existing body of research knowledge in their field, and a closely supervised thesis. This programme is structured to specialist knowledge to develop the area of study and allow to make ground-breaking contributions in the field.


Career Prospects:

The current academic environment in the higher education especially in Management indicates a substantial gap in the PhD’s required and needed to groom students at various level of Business education. The program is not only aimed for a carrier in academics but also in the industry in the field of research and consultancy where major gaps exist. This PhD program will offers many benefits in form of providing best resource for those seeking the research and teaching career in future.


Coursework & Thesis:

Students are required to take a range of courses. These include Programme Core and Elective Courses along with a dissertation.


Duration: 3 years

Eligibility Requirements: MPhil/MS/MBA with 3 CGPA and Gat Subject with minimum 60%

Specialization: Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Supply Chain Management, Finance & Economics

Award of Degree: 54 credit hours (Course Work: 18 credit hours + Thesis: 36 credit hours)

Period: Minimum 3 years

Semester Wise Break Up

Sr. No. Course Titles Credit Hours
Semester – I
1 Advanced Techniques in Quantitative Research 3
2 Elective I 3
3 Elective II 3
Semester – II
4 Advanced Techniques in Qualitative Research 3
5 Elective-III 3
6 Elective-IV 3


Sr. No. Course Titles
1 New Sciences and Management Research
2 Knowledge Management and Information Science
3 Management of Technology and Innovation
4 Economic Development and Policy
5 Seminar in Marketing
6 Economics of Business Management
7 Management of Public Sector Organization
8 Consumer Behavior Models
9 Advanced Techniques in Qualitative Research
10 Advanced Techniques in Quantitative Research
11 Service System and Management
12 Operations and Supply Chain Models
13 Seminar in Theory Building in Management Sciences
14 Seminar in Supply Chain Management

Globalization and the Firms