QEC Introduction

As the foundation of Quality Enhancement Cell is one of the many paces taken forward by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to ameliorate the quality of higher education in Pakistan. QEC department has been launched in the Private and Public Sector universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of Pakistan which are running under the control and guidance by HEC.

The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) was established at Imperial College of Business Studies in recent years. It commenced functioning under the supervision of Mr. Malik Naeem Akram. We come as W category higher education institute. Serious heed and observation have been paid to both internal and external quality assurance models and the following structure is in place at Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS).

QEC Vision

QEC of ICBS aims to fortify the higher education sector of Pakistan by establishing an ideal Quality Assurance mechanism that will be identical with the national and international education standards.

Mission Statement

ICBS QEC is sincerely committed to make sure and improve the quality and standards of higher education at ICBS by virtue of impressive teaching methodologies, result-oriented education, appropriate programs assessment tools and a learning ambience conducive to research based activities.

QEC Objectives

• To pursue the progress of the corrective actions highlighted in the Self¬-Assessment Report (SAR) by the relative departments.
• To scrutinize the current status of educational provision at the level of department by holding meetings with the Program & Assessment Team.
• To know whether the curriculum, subject and teaching and other staff development, research and other academic activities are followed as per the HEC criteria.
• To nurture the respective departments for getting accreditation reports and certificates from the councils directed by Higher Education Commission.
• To collect data through feedback and suggestions forms and course outlines/plans from the respective departments.
• To steer training session on regular basis for the Programs and Assessment Team to ensue awareness regarding self-assessment ways.
• To seriously observe the data and define recommendations in consultation with the respective Chairperson /Head/ In-charge of the department.
• To obtain the collaboration of the international agencies striving in the field of quality assurance.
• To confirm whether Institutional efficiency and Performance Evaluation Standards (IPES) devised for the betterment of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are in accordance with the HEC directions.
• To ensure that the institute follows and abides by the rules & regulations set by HEC with respect of faculty hiring, admission to MS/M.Phil and Ph.D programs. Plagiarism checking service by adopting best related software.

QEC Functions

Quality Assurance