[vc_ff_title el_type=”h2″ align=”center” title=”Schools and Departments of Imperial College of Business Studies”]
[vc_text_pure]Schools :[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”4760″]School of Architecture, Art and Design [vc_text_pure]SAAD sets its pace with contemporary accompanying with antiquity concepts of architecture, art and design possessing state-of-the-art studios and halls.[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”4769″]School of Business, Eco. and Management Sciences[vc_text_pure]SBEMS leads its students for being the leaders to command and control business world. SBEMS has been producing successful business leaders for more than 20 years to so far.[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”4776″]School of Computing and Information Sciences[vc_text_pure]SCIS nurtures our students in modern era education that inculcates them to be the best and explore within themselves in the field of IT & Computer Sciences.[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”4772″]School of Engineering and Technology[vc_text_pure]SET offers various programs in the fields engineering that usher the students to make innovation pragmatically and create new ideas sophisticatedly.[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_text_pure]Departments :[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”5304″]Department of English and Literature[vc_text_pure]The Department of English Language and Literature at Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore is a beautiful blend of experienced and young permanent faculty, well supported by experienced visiting and Adjunct faculty. [/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”5316″]Department of Mass Communication[vc_text_pure]Dept. of Mass Communication caters for our students all what a Department of Mass Communication is supposed to be providing. ICBS currently offers in Mass Com BS (Hons) 4 Years, M.A(2 Years), M.S/M.Phil and Ph.D.[/vc_text_pure]
[vc_image_slider img_fixed_width=”300″ img_fixed_height=”0″ image=”5317″] Department of Mathematics[vc_text_pure]Mathematics is involved in all practices of life and that’s mathematics is used approximately all degree programs ICBS offers, different courses of mathematics are taught in engineering, computer sciences and Business programs.[/vc_text_pure]