The Department of Computing & Information Sciences was established in 2011. The Department teaches our students to discover themselves from within so that they can learn to nurture their full potential.The programs prepare students with broad, integrated IT knowledge including communications, computer networking, computer-based systems, database management, software development, website development, digital media and electronic publishing. We provide a learning environment where discussion, investigation, critical and lateral thinking can flourish with the exchange of ideas and this forms the basis of all the courses being offered at our institute. We have faculty from diverse backgrounds and student body from a wide range of demography and geographical areas. We inculcate in our student body a greater understanding of the culture of information technology so they develop the ability to participate more meaningfully in the future. Students learn how to evaluate current and emerging technologies; identify user needs; design user-friendly interfaces; apply, configure and manage technologies; and assess the impact of technologies on individuals, organizations and society. Highly qualified and experienced faculty endeavors to use current modes of teaching, learning and assessment. We provide a congenial and comfortable learning environment so that the students can gain better working knowledge of the world around, thus preparing them for a lifetime of opportunities and personal challenges.

Graduate Programs
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Candidates who secure 80% or higher marks in their previous certificate/degree examinations can be considered for fee concession in tution fee which will be offered to those who qualify as per criteria determined by the management of Imperial University. This concession may be continued if CPGA is higher than a level specified by the management with a minimum workload of 15 credits or 5 courses in a semester. Only limited number of scholarships are available.

 Outstanding students securing a good CGPA during the studeis are encouraged by providing scholarships. The amount of scholarship varies in each semester. However 25% to 50% tution fee canb be waived off on a crreiteria determined by the management of Imperial University. provided the respected student does not default on discipline, attendance , etc. and the condition for workload mentioned before.