Make Up Exams

Make- up examinations are allowed only in extra-ordinary circumstances, which may cover the following situations and circumstances.
Accidents/serious sickness:In all such cases the student must produce evidence of hospitalization of at least 12 hours or so.Normally cases of temperature and flue are not treated as a sufficient justification to hold make-up exams.

Death in the Family:

Only very near relatives, such as father, mother, brother, and sister may include this provision. However, in all such cases, the head of the family has to make a written report to this effect.

Make-up exam:

In cases where the make-up final exam is allowed by the University Administration, the student will be permitted to take the make-up exam with the consultation of the faculty as soon as possible.

Fee for the make-up exams:

Fee will be charged for make-up exams.

Mid-term exams (Make-up):

The students who are unable to appear in the mid-term exam can be allowed to have make-up exam later on during the same semester or can be given a comprehensive exam at the time of final exam. The decision in such cases is left at the discretion of the course instructor. However, in all such cases the students must make an application to the University Administration explaining the reasons for his inability to appear in the scheduled mid-term exam. It is after the clearance from the University Administration that a student will be allowed to sit in the make-up exam.

Material To Be Covered:

Make up exam must be different from the regular exam. Make-up exams are more comprehensive, as deterrence, than the regular exam.

Student Responsibility:

Student must contact the instructor as soon as he/she returns to the campus and make arrangements for taking the make-up exam.