Lt. General (Rtd.) Ghulam Mustafa , HI (M) Evaluation of Counter Terrorism Policies in terms of their effectiveness in Pakistan: A Gap Analysis
Lt. Gen. (Rtd.) Asif Yaseen Malik Counter Terrorism and Role of State: Perspective from Pakistan
Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kaleem Economic Impact of Terrorism in Pakistan
Prof. Dr. Zahid Mahmood Socio Psychological Impact of Terrorism and Rehabilitation Imperatives
Prof. Dr. Robert Dover The organization of attack – social media, digital and analogue communications
Brig. (Rtd.) Mehmood Shah Counter Terrorism: Role of Nation State
Brig. (Rtd.) Khalid Mehmood Global Peace and Security: A Perspective on the Role of Nation State viz- a -viz Terrorism
Brig. (Rtd.) Ishaq Ahmed Non-state Actors and Their Role in Terrorism
Muhammad Feyyaz Causes and Drivers of Radicalization (Religion, Politics and Economic Interests): A Perspective from Pakistan
Mudassir Farooqi

Humaira Mahmood

Social Entrepreneurship: An Effective Counter Terrorism Tool: A Proposition for Pakistan